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Q. I am a new customer. Please tell me a little about Bespoke Fit.

A. Hello and Welcome. Bespokefit is a family owned and operated business. We are Bespoke Fit suit and shirt makers located at 14 Maiden Lane, New York NY, 10038. Whether you're a fan of Bespoke clothing, or have a genuine physical need (The Big, Tall, short or Slim), Our unmatched quality, service, fabric selection and cost efficiency will make you our customer for life.

Q. What is the main difference between Bespoke Fit and other Bespoke Tailors?

A. Most Bespoke Tailors outsource their work overseas. Therefore, the tailor who actually makes the suit for you never sees you. Furthermore, there are extra charges such as shipping and handling fees. Hence, these so called "tailors" are merely middlemen who hire handling agents overseas to make their garments. They also do not offer rarely available names like Giorgio Armani, Cerruti and the ESCORIAL Collection by Holland & Sherry, as these fabrics are not available in Asia. We buy our fabrics directly from major designers in Italy and mills in England. Having the actual pattern makers, cutters and tailors on premises and buying directly fabrics directly from Europe in wholesale results in impeccable suits at cost-effective prices. This is one of our main strengths. You will never pay any hidden charges like "SHIPPING & HANDLING" or add-on charges for working button holes, contrast linings etc. These features are all included in our prices.

Q. What are the other differences between Bespoke Fit and other Bespoke Tailors?

A. We can replicate your favorite suit or shirt both style and size wise. We have over 15000 fabrics and countless styles (30 different collar styles for shirts alone). If you lose or gain weight, we will provide you FREE alterations up to 1 year.

Q. I am on a limited budget; can I buy just one Bespoke suit or one Bespoke shirt?

A. Yes you can. We will never force you in buying more then what you need or try to up sell you. However, please keep in mind that the pattern makers use the same pattern if you buy multiple suits/shirts at one time. So if you buy 1 suit it might cost you $900 but if you buy 4 suits they might cost you only $3K. Please call us for more details. If you're on a limited budget, look out for our semi-annual 2 for 1 offer, as you get Bespoke garments at 50% discount prices during that period. Subscribe to our newsletter (on the right) and never miss a sale!

Q. I am ready to proceed. What is the next step? 

A. Please email us at or call us toll-free at (866) 611-0545 and we will make you an appointment at your convenience.